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Marine Satellite TV Tracking

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Marine Satellite TV Tracking

Follow Me TV®  is now Track It TV®
The same great tracker just got a new name!   See News or FAQ for details.

Keep In Touch With 300+ Digital TV Channels On Your Boat

Marine Satellite TV Tracking
Since 1996  -  Just $896.90

Simple, Lowest-cost, Accurate
Dockside, Motoring, At Anchor
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  • Decide to join thousands of Track It TV® owners worldwide.
  • See weather updated every 10 minutes for safety as needed.
  • Have fun with sports networks, movies, adventure, music.
  • Keep up to date with news, stock market, discovery channels.
  • Enjoy special programs together with your first mate.
  • Enhance Internet access on your boat with Track It TV®.

Use Any Home Satellite TV Dish & Receiver

Our Track It TV® unit works with any home satellite TV system in the world. Buy and use dishes and receivers that are suited to your local area, as small as 18" and as large as 32". See Satellite TV for more details about satellite TV services, equipment and coverage available in the US, Canada, Latin America and elsewhere Internationally.

In the US a dish and several receivers range in price from free to about $30 when obtained with a viewing plan!

Marine Satellite TV Tracking Any Satellite TV
Dish Mounts On
Track It TV®

Track It TV® - Just $896.90

Lowest Cost 10-90 System -- Track It TV® is as little as 10% of the cost of a multi-axis dome tracking system. We call it the "10-90" system because at 10% of the price it has 90% of the utility of other systems! See Track It TV® to find out more details.

Simple Accurate Tracking -- Using an accurate digital electronic compass for tracking, Track It TV® gives you a reliable satellite TV picture when most people on boats want to watch TV, in protected waterways and anchorages as their boat turns and moves. When conditions get rough enough that Track It TV® cannot give you a solid picture, we think most boaters will be more worried about their boat than watching TV!

Marine Satellite TV Tracking Track It TV®
Provides Simple
Accurate Tracking

Picture interruptions can also occur as your boat moves in calmer conditions, caused by interfering masts or booms, buildings, clouds or sharp wakes. Such events cause dome systems to lose the picture as well, but they also lose their signal tracking. An advantage of Track It TV®, due to its uninterrupted compass tracking, is that the picture comes back instantly when the obstruction moves away or the wake subsides.

Easy Inexpensive Installation & Mounting Flexibility

Track It TV® is easy and inexpensive to install. You can choose to install simply yourself, or you can have someone else do it for you at a fraction of the cost of dome systems.

Typically the slim, light-weight Track It TV® system can be tucked into locations where larger and heavier dome dishes cannot - on railings, attached to small aluminum poles almost anywhere, and on the sides of cabins or arches - as well as on decks and cabin or arch tops. See our Track It TV® Mounting Overview (8 page document) for details of these simple, proven and flexible mounting approaches.

Marine Satellite TV Tracking Easy Mounting:
2 Large Hose
Clamps + 1 Shim!

To Order or Get More Details About Track It TV®

  • To order or for questions about Track It TV®, go to Ordering.
  • Our Track It TV® Brochure (4 page document) covers system features and benefits.
  • For customer testimonials, see Testimonials. For frequently asked questions, see FAQ.
  • For detailed operational and mounting documentation that ships with our system, see Literature.
  • Check out the latest News about Track It TV®, including Internet access possibilities.

Marine Satellite TV Tracking

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