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Satellite TV Services and Equipment

A Variety Of Home Satellite TV Dishes Can Be Used

Pictured below, mounted on Track It TV® units, are just a sample of the types of satellite TV Dishes that can be used with our unit.

18" Dish
 18" Dish(US-DirecTV)
20" MultiSat DirecTV Dish
20" Multi-Satellite Dish(US-DirecTV)
20" MultSat DishNET DDish
20" Multi-Satellite Dish(US-DishNET)
24" Dish
24" Dish
Australia 27" Dish
27" Dish
  • Get a simple 18" dish.
  • Get a multi-satellite dish to simultaneously view channels broadcast from different satellites on different TV sets.  Typical dome dishes only allow channels from one satellite at one time.
  • Get a Hi-Definition TV (HDTV) dish (not shown, see FAQ for discussion) to enjoy a much higher quality viewing experience.
  • Get a larger dish - up to 24+" (60+cm) (see FAQ for discussion) - to allow superior pictures in fringe reception areas, where the signal may be weaker. For example parts of Alaska, the Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Australia, and parts of the Mediterranean may have weaker signals.  NOTE:  As a rule of thumb, we recommend using the smallest dish available that provides acceptable signal levels.

Satellite TV Coverage

Click on any image below to get a full sized image of any of these satellite TV coverage maps.

N Amer DirecTV Map
North America
DirecTV Map
N Amer DishNet Map
America DishNET
Latin Amer DirTV Map
Latin America
DSS European Map
DSS Asia to NZ Map
Near East, Asia,
New Zealand

Note: These maps give general coverage information. The signal strength in local areas provided by service providers may vary over time, as they respond to demand for services in an area or to local conditions such as average rainfall, etc. While these maps are a good overview of coverage areas worldwide, the best indication of coverage is given by what dishes, receivers and services are used in the local areas you are interested in. The dishes, receivers and services that work locally will work for Track It TV®.

Satellite TV Services Equipment - General

Satellite TV services and equipment providers are available in North America, Latin America and Internationally from a variety of sources.

Keep in mind that not all equipment and services are compatible, even within a country, so you should always check for compatibility with the Satellite TV service you use. Also, you must check that the geographic coverage provided by the service you select fulfills your needs when traveling.

If traveling to a different country, you may need to sign up with a local service provider in that country, unless your country's service provider's coverage is adequate for your needs. In some cases you may need a larger dish for fringe areas. For more details on using larger dishes, check out our FAQ. If you go to a different hemi-sphere the polarity of the satellite TV signal may change and require different satellite TV dishes and receivers to handle the signal (example: going from North America to Europe requires different equipment).

Following are suggested starting points for finding out about the types of services, equipment, and coverage available in your area of the world.

US Services & Equipment

Call 800-347-3288

Dish Network®
Call 800-333-3474

DirecTV Dishes, Receivers, Signal Meter, Coax

The Satellite
DirecTV Dishes, Receivers, Signal Meter, Coax

Internet Sources
Google Search
Search on "Satellite TV Equipment"

Chain Stores
Radio Shack, Circuit City, Best Buy
Use Yellow Pages or Company Web Sites

Local Satellite TV Authorized Dealers
Use Yellow Pages

Canadian Services & Equipment

Bell Canada
Bell ExpressVu Satellite TV
Get Local Information and Phone Numbers from Web Site

Star Choice
Star Choice Satellite TV
Get Local Information and Phone Numbers from Web Site

Latin America Services & Equipment

DIRECTV Latin America
Get Local Country Information and Phone Numbers from Web Site

International Services & Equipment

Europe - General
EuTelSat Satellite TV
Get Information and Phone Numbers from Web Site

Europe - General
Astra Satellite TV
Get Country Information and Phone Numbers from Web Site

Europe - United Kingdom
UK Sky Satellite TV
Get Local Information and Phone Numbers from Web Site

Use local country phone numbers for Satellite TV providers

New Zealand
SkyTV Satellite TV
Get Local Information and Phone Numbers from Web Site

Astro Satellite TV
Get Local Information and Phone Numbers from Web Site

Google Internet Search
Or Use Local Phone Books

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