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Marine Satellite TV Tracking

Follow Me TV®  is now Track It TV®
The same great tracker now has a new name!

How does Track It TV® work? - The technical details...

Based on the principle of an auto pilot (although MUCH more accurate), Track It TV® uses an extremely sensitive and accurate digital electronic magnetometer (compass) coupled with a high speed microprocessor to continuously monitor the heading of your satellite dish.  The magnetometer circuit is interrogated over 30 times per second by the microprocessor for any change in heading.  If a heading change as small as 0.1 degrees is detected, the microprocessor instantly pulses a digital stepper motor to correct dish alignment.  The stepper motor is coupled to an all metal high-torque gear box.  Accuracy of the dish positioning is kept within +/- about 1/2 degree.  Since the satellite signal is approximately 6 to 8 degrees wide, (the larger the dish, the smaller the signal beam width), Track It TV® can easily keep the satellite dish pointed at the center of the satellite signal.  This provides crystal clear reception as your boat swings at anchor, on a mooring or tied loosely in a slip.  In reasonably calm conditions, Track It TV® will also maintain good satellite positioning accuracy as you travel.  Unlike dome-type systems, Track It TV® does not rely on the actual electronic satellite signal for tracking.  This means it can be used with any satellite system you choose to subscribe to, anywhere in the world!  In addition to tracking TV satellite broadcasts, Track It TV® can also be used to simultaneously track land based Wi-Fi access nodes or remote cell phone towers when coupled with the appropriate high-gain directional antennas.

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Keep In Touch With 300+ Digital TV Channels On Your Boat

Marine Satellite TV Tracking
Since 1996  -  Just $896.90
Simple, Lowest-cost, Accurate
At the Dock, While swinging at Anchor, on a Mooring, or when Motoring in calm condidtions
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  • Decide to join thousands of Track It TV® owners worldwide.
  • See weather updated every 10 minutes on the Weather Channel for safety as needed.
  • Have fun with sports networks, movies, adventure, music.
  • Keep up to date with news, stock market, discovery channels.
  • Enjoy special programs together with your first mate and family.

Use Any Home Satellite TV Dish & Receiver

Our Track It TV® unit works with any home satellite TV system in the world. Buy and use dishes and receivers that are suited to your local area, as large as 24+" (60+ cm). See Dishes, Coverage Area & Plans for more details about satellite TV services, equipment and coverage available in the US, Canada, Latin America and elsewhere Internationally.

In the US DirecTV® and DISH® Network will provide a dish and several receivers in conjunction with a subscription programming plan!

Track It TV® - Just $896.90

Lowest Cost 10-90 System -- Track It TV® is as little as 10% of the cost of a multi-axis dome tracking system. We call it the "10-90" system because at 10% of the price it has 90% of the utility of other systems!

Simple Accurate Tracking -- Using an accurate digital electronic compass for tracking, Track It TV® gives you a reliable satellite TV picture when most people on boats want to watch TV, in protected waterways and anchorages as their boat turns and moves. When conditions get rough enough that Track It TV® cannot give you a solid picture, we think most boaters will be more worried about their boat than watching TV!

Picture interruptions can also occur as your boat moves in calmer conditions, caused by interfering masts or booms, buildings, clouds or sharp wakes. Such events cause dome systems to lose the picture as well, but they also lose their signal tracking. An advantage of Track It TV®, due to its uninterrupted compass tracking, is that the picture comes back instantly when the obstruction moves away or the wake subsides.

Easy Inexpensive Installation & Mounting Flexibility

Track It TV® is easy and inexpensive to install. You can choose to install yourself, or you can have someone else do it for you at a fraction of the cost of dome systems.  Our installation and operation manual gives detailed installation information.  To request a copy, see Technical Details 

Typically the slim, light-weight Track It TV® system can be tucked into locations where larger and heavier dome dishes cannot - on railings, attached to aluminum poles almost anywhere, and on the sides of cabins or arches - as well as on decks and cabin or arch tops. See our Technical Details page where you can download the 8 page document with details of these simple, proven and flexible mounting approaches.

Track It TV® brings marine satellite TV to people on the water at the lowest price. Track It TV® is based on the principle that most people watch TV on their boats in protected waters -- tied loosely in a slip, swinging on the hook in an anchorage, or motoring along in fairly calm conditions.

The "10-90" System

Track-It-TV We call Track It TV® the "10-90" system. Track It TV® has 90% of the utility of expensive systems for as little as 10% of the cost. Install it on your boat rail or elsewhere in a few minutes!

Track It TV® is designed to handle typical conditions in protected waters -- elevation is set manually while tracking is done in the horizontal (azimuth) dimension to counter the turning of the boat. It meets the objective of tracking in relatively calm seas, even if the boat is swinging wildly due to wind or current.

When wind and seas increase to uncomfortable levels, your TV screen may start freezing periodically.  At some point you reach a level where you will probably want to pay more attention to your boat than your TV!

Development Philosophy

We wanted our tracking system to deliver accurate tracking at the lowest possible price.

We have been ruthless in putting all our costs into only those components that are critical to tracking. We've used the strongest stepper motor and all metal gear case with the most precise, reliable aircraft grade digital electronic compass. We left out everything that smacked of unnecessary "gold-plating", but put everything in that would get accurate satellite tracking.

For example, a simple 50-cent cord is our limit switch. It saves you about $200 of extra costs for internal limit switches, electronics and liquid crystal displays. Yet, it serves the function of stopping an excessive turn and notifying you of an approaching limit. You use a simple button press to unwind.

Another example is our system case. It is made of standard PVC pipe. This is exceptionally strong, completely marinized and makes it easy to provide a custom "pole mount" using 4" PVC pipe that fits into the bottom 4" PVC coupling of the unit. Or you can use our standard mounting hardware that comes with the unit to install on any railing or any vertical aluminum or SS pole.

Compass vs. Signal Tracking

Track It TV<>®<> - Just $896.90 Are there advantages to using a digital electronic compass for tracking? Yes, without a doubt there are significant advantages. The high priced megayacht dome systems track electronically on the satellite signal. When they lose a signal due to a disturbance (a big wake), or an obstruction (a mast or boom, building or cloud), they switch to search mode. It may take a minute or two to search the sky and reacquire the signal. This leaves an interruption in the signal and is annoying when you're trying to watch a TV program.

Track It TV® is always locked on the magnetic heading of the satellite throughout the disturbance, or while the signal is obstructed, and regains the signal the instant the disturbance passes or the obstruction goes away.

Big boats do not pitch much and they roll slowly. Smaller boats, under 50', roll and pitch more quickly and are more likely to lose the signal in rough conditions. For example, the spec for a popular dome system gives a max acceleration of 0.2g. Smaller boats easily exceed 1.0g in seas. Our design works more effectively on smaller boats. And of course, it also works on larger boats.

For additional detailed cost and function comparison information between Track It TV® and other satellite TV options that may be used on boats, please see our Technical Details. For customer testimonials about our great tracking performance see Testimonials.

Note about Find Button:  Although Track It TV® uses an electronic compass, it offers an easy to use "Find" feature. The "Find" feature remembers where you first found the satellite signal. Every day thereafter, it returns exactly to this location with a single Find button press regardless of the new orientation or movement of the vessel, even if it has swung completely around through 180°. See FAQ for more details.

To Order or Get More Details About Track It TV®

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