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How does Track It TV® work? - The technical details...

Based on the principle of an auto pilot (although MUCH more accurate), Track It TV® uses an extremely sensitive and accurate digital electronic magnetometer (compass) coupled with a high speed microprocessor to continuously monitor the heading of your satellite dish.  The magnetometer circuit is interrogated over 30 times per second by the microprocessor for any change in heading.  If a heading change as small as 0.1 degrees is detected, the microprocessor instantly pulses a digital stepper motor to correct dish alignment.  The stepper motor is coupled to an all metal high-torque gear box.  Accuracy of the dish positioning is kept within +/- about 1/2 degree.  Since the satellite signal is approximately 6 to 8 degrees wide, (the larger the dish, the smaller the signal beam width), Track It TV® can easily keep the satellite dish pointed at the center of the satellite signal.  This provides crystal clear reception as your boat swings at anchor, on a mooring or tied loosely in a slip.  In reasonably calm conditions, Track It TV® will also maintain good satellite positioning accuracy as you travel.  Unlike dome-type systems, Track It TV® does not rely on the actual electronic satellite signal for tracking.  This means it can be used with any satellite system you choose to subscribe to, anywhere in the world!  In addition to tracking TV satellite broadcasts, Track It TV® can also be used to simultaneously track land based Wi-Fi access nodes or remote cell phone towers when coupled with the appropriate high-gain directional antennas.

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