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Track-It-TV® Testimonials

USA - 300 Miles on Labor Day Weekend

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my unit just as planned and got the installation on my houseboat complete just in time for a 300 mile river trip over the Labor Day weekend. I cannot tell you how happy I am with this purchase! The unit performed remarkably well and installation was a real breeze. Over the 300 miles, we had winds from every angle and only lost signal briefly when making quick turns underway, only for the unit to catch up momentarily. Thanks for making this product available for those of us that want the convenience without the high cost!" - Trey L., Nashville, TN

USA - Happy Birthday on the Fourth of July

"My family and I cruised up the Tennessee River watching the nation's various Fourth of July celebrations on satellite TV and listening to digital patriotic music topside while watching fireworks along the shore on beautiful Wheeler Lake. We covered about 25 miles and I do not recall a single loss of service. My wife got me your system for my birthday. It is simple and effective. I will recommend it to my fellow boaters! With my electrical engineering background, I wish I had thought of it. When I'm on the water, I'm glad you did." - Tony W.

Australia - To the Barrier Reef

"We are sitting in a little anchorage called Refuge Bay. We decided to stay at the anchorage today because of 15-20 kt winds. We are swinging through an arc of about 65 degrees without a break in the satellite signal. We're on our way to the Barrier Reef for several months. We are looking forward to having such good access to news, financials and especially weather. Thanks again for a great product and for the support you have given us." - Art L., Sydney, Australia

Australia - River Cruising

"Let me say a few words about the performance of your satellite tracking system. We used it in the upper reaches of the Hawkesbury River, and it worked flawlessly. In winds up to 30 knots, when the boat would swing up to 180 degrees in a short period of time, we would never lose the picture. It was most comforting to be able to have full TV coverage at all times in an area that basically has no television reception. We were the envy of the anchorage... Again, thank you for providing such a fine product, and such caring customer service..." - Richard T.

Angra dos Reis RJ, Brasil

"Our cruising area for Navigation is Angra dos Reis RJ, Brasil. I'm using Track -It-TV both in anchorages and in moving navegation, and it doesn't lose signal. Really is a very good product and easy to install." - Jose Rubens Palma, Angra dos Reis RJ, Brasil, South America

Bahamas - Hurricane Wilma

"My Follow Me TV went thru 103 mph winds in hurricane Wilma to keep me plugged into the weather channel so I wasn't blind this time!... Great product." - Dan L., Abacos, Bahamas.

USA - Great Loop Cruise

"Really happy with recent purchase, even with temporary mount on our Carver 440 during our Great Loop Cruise now in week #3." - Joe C., m/v Lady Sandra.

USA - Easy To Install

"I recently purchased your Track It TV product, and I want to tell you how pleased I am with it. I am not very "handy" when it comes to anything electrical or even mechanical, but I was able to install the unit on my boat (a 52’ Bluewater) all by myself (I just attached it to the railing with two clamps), and connected it to power (I purchased an AC-to-DC converter for $20 and plugged it into a wall socket in my boat, powered by my DC-to-AC inverter, so I wouldn’t have to do any wiring!) I have a professionally installed satellite dish at my marina, so while in the slip, I checked the elevation on the marina dish and set my onboard dish to the same elevation. Then I just "eyeballed" the azimuth of the marina dish and pointed the onboard dish in the same general direction, and bingo, the satellite signal came in perfectly! Then, the next time I anchored out, I just pressed the "FIND" button, and instantly I was watching crystal clear satellite TV out on the water! It was so easy! I am so pleased with your product that I am telling everyone in my marina about it, and giving them your website..." - Mark H., California

USA - PassageMaker - Affordable Track It TV

PassageMaker - The Trawler & Ocean Motorboat Magazine, "MANNA FROM HEAVEN" written by Peter Swanson (Electronics Editor of PMM). July/August 2009 issue, see page 48.

"…four of these (domed, expensive brands at $2,000 plus) track…on two axes… Only when cruising down to the Bahamas would anyone lose the signal… (BUT) …Boat owners who watch TV only at anchor or docked may view such expensive stabilization technology as overkill.

Over the years, many trawler owners have been happy with satellite tracking systems that rotate on a single axis to keep the antenna on target. These work fine for boats swinging at anchor in calm water. And while the cost of stabilized antennas has come down with the introduction of the smaller models, so far they cannot compete for price point because (one-axis) systems are built with fewer and cheaper components.

Many PMM readers have equipped their boats with Track It TV® systems that use a simple digital compass to keep an over-the-counter dish pointed at the service provider’s satellite. You might recognize this system under its former name, Follow Me TV. Although decidedly inelegant compared to the stabilized, domed models, the system retails for just under $900. "Ten percent of the cost, 90 percent of the utility" is Track It TV’s advertising mantra. …And Track It TV keeps on trucking, functionally and affordably." - See Peter Swanson, PMM, pp.48 to 55.

Bahamas Trip - Exceeded all my expectations

"We just got back from two months in the Bahamas using the Follow Me TV. The system exceeded all of my expectations. It worked wonderfully everywhere I went, which was all of the way down the Exuma chain to George Town.

Several owners of "other" systems were not at all happy with their $2000 systems and after I gave them demos of Follow Me TV they were very impressed also. Many times things do not live up to hype and sales talk, but I found that your system worked better than even you said it would. It tracked when the boat "sailed at anchor."

I never found it necessary to attach a second line to the anchor rode to limit movement. Seldom, if ever, needed to use the left or right adjustments while watching TV. Thank you, being able to watch TV, including the Weather Channel during our trip made things really nice for us." - Norm Dupont, June 24, 1999

USA - It works exactly as advertised.

"I have installed and evaluated your product and I must say… THIS IS THE BEST $900.00 I’VE EVER SPENT. It works exactly as advertised. The documentation is very thorough and loaded with helpful hints.

I spent last weekend sitting at anchor watching all of my favorite shows as well as listening to a lot of good music which is included in my DSS package. I am REALLY looking forward to football season this year.

It has already generated quite a bit of interest from other boat owners around the marina. I will be recommending this to anyone who asks but really all they have to do is see it in action and it will sell itself. Thanks you for developing this. I hope you are getting really fat off of it, you deserve it." - Jim

USA - Watching America's Cup In Prince William Sound

"We are not much into watching TV, except for sports. But we decided to give a Follow Me TV [now Track-It-TV] single-axis tracker a try, using it with a 24-inch DirecTV antenna. We are pleased to report that at anchor we have watched the America's Cup in Prince William Sound (at 60 degrees north latitude) and basketball halfway down the Baja California peninsula." - Steve Dashew

Here is the link to Steve's web site, Set Sail Blog, where he discusses Follow Me TV. Passagemaker Magazine Nov/Dec 2008, by Steve Dashew (A World Class Cruiser)

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